• Photo by Oscar Durand, freelance photojournalist in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Physical therapy is part of the Peruvian's government program for elderly 65 and older. Here women attend a session in Chara, San Pablo, Cusco.
  • People relax at a public pool in the district of Comas in Lima, Peru on a Sunday afternoon during the summer season. This is one of Peru's largest public pools and it is know as "The Sea of Comas".
  • Captive monkey in San Martin, Peru.
  • Children from Morococha play during a gym class, part of a summer camp organized by Morococha's municipality. According to the program director about 300 children enrolled in the camp. .The program ran January 20 through February 28, 2013.
  • Two condor caretakers wrap a condor in a blanket before taking it to the town for the Yawar Fiesta (Feast of Blood) celebrations in the Andean town of Coyllurqui, in Apurimac, Peru. This Peruvian tradition, that takes place annually in July during the Independence day celebrations, consists of capturing a condor and parading around town throughout the week. The highlight of the tradition is bullfighting with the condor strapped on top of the bull. For locals, the bull represents the Spanish and the condor the native population. The condor is freed in a ceremony called Cacharpari. Photo by Oscar Durand.

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