I am visual journalist working for humanitarian and news organizations. Based in New York City. 

There was a point in my life when I wanted to become an industrial engineer. I was attracted to the idea of improving processes, working with people seeking efficiency in the pursuit of a goal. Somewhere along the way I discovered visual storytelling and decided to become a journalist.

From 2002 to 2009 I lived in the United States where I started working as a photojournalist. I graduated from the photojournalism program of the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York.

From 2010 to 2014 I was based in Lima, Peru. It was an interesting time to be back home. Growing up, terrorist attacks and triple-digit inflation was everyday news. By the time I returned, Peru was undergoing a rapid transformation due to its accelerated economic growth. And with it came growing pains. I crisscrossed the country documenting environmental and social issues for news outlets and humanitarian organizations. During this time, I also co-founded Everyday Latin America, an Instagram community with the goal of presenting an accurate portrait of the region. 

A topic that has always attracted me is migration, the human movement. My family –migrants from the interior of the country to the capital and then to the exterior– is probably where this attraction was born. I am fascinated by the reasons that make a person leave behind the familiar for the unknown. Generally, it is usually related to the need for safety and opportunity. But everyone has a personal story that is as fascinating as it is unique. 

My work has been featured by Al Jazeera's Contrast, BBC Reel, NBC News, Catholic News Service, Ozy, The Guardian, The New York Times, PRI ’s The World, Glamour Magazine, National Geographic Traveler, World Vision International, Catholic Relief Services, Shared Interest, Unicef, among others.

The GroundTruth Project, Covering the Refugee Crisis Fellowship, February 2016
Latin America Fotografía 4, Image chosen, August 2014.
National Press Photographers Association’s 2014 Best of Photojournalism Video Contest, Honorable Mention, Team Video, April 2014 
Pictures of the Year International, Award of Excellence, Science & Natural History, March, 2014 
Peru’s National Environmental Citizenship Award, Finalist, December 2012 
64th College Photographer of the Year, Award of Excellence, Individual Multimedia, November 2009 
Photographer’s Forum Magazine, 29th Annual Spring Contest, First Place, July 2009 
“Los Trabajos y Los Dias” Documentary Photography Contest, Medellín, Colombia, First place in the Migrant Workers category, May 2009.

The Missouri Photo Workshop, Nikon Emerging Professional Scholar, September 2012 
The Eddie Adams Workshop XXII, October 2009 
The Poynter Institute, Fellowship for Young Journalists, May 2009 
New York Times Student Journalism Institute, January 2009